Growing steel demand as Expo 2020 Takes Off

mpiladmin   March 27, 2017

Expo 2020

Steel is a component in everything from massive skyscrapers to home appliances. When a market grows, the steel industry grows right along with it.

In the UAE, this sector is poised to achieve impressive growth over the upcoming years, as Expo 2020 and its surrounding projects take flight. In fact, according to Research and Markets, steel consumption in the UAE is poised to grow at a CAGR of 8% during 2016-2020. In 2017 alone, there will be an estimated 11 billion AED worth of construction contracts awarded at the Expo 2020 site.

Expo Site Development

The Expo 2020 site itself will play host to a variety of pavilions. Many of these will be temporary steel structures that rely on metal decks for their construction. Composite metal decking provides a great solution for temporary construction, as it can be assembled with minimum difficulty. Furthermore, the use of metal decks can reduce construction time (sometimes up to 50%). This is an important factor considering the Expo’s looming deadline.

Expansion airport steel, Expo 2020

Al Maktoum Airport Expansion – photo from

Beyond what’s happening at the Expo 2020 site itself, there will be plenty of other infrastructure projects to support the grand event. For instance, there is set to be an extension of the Dubai Metro, connecting to the Expo 2020 site. Furthermore, the Al Maktoum Airport is also scheduled for an expansion. As MPIL has previously contributed to the ambitious expansion of the Mumbai International Airport, we know the multitude of requirements and sharp time constraints related to such a project. We also know that for a project that will attract such high foot-traffic, one generally looks to color coated profiles for cladding. This can provide an aesthetically superior look that gives a great first impression to the many tourists entering the city.


It’s an exciting time in the UAE, as construction projects are ramping up in preparation for the big event. As investor sentiment continues to improve, we are likely to see increased demand for steel in order to support these upcoming mega projects. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Fabrication And Assembly Of Structural Drawings

mpiladmin   January 17, 2017

MPIL’s Structures are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and require no field welding, drilling or other on-site fabrication. At MPIL we understand the cardinal rule of fabrication, that material supplied by us, must be finally connected at site with perfect assembly says Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta.

fabrication - MPILFabricated Sections Production Line

  • Sections fabricated from plate.
  • Sections design for minimum weight and optimum fire protection.
  • Automatic material handling.
  • Automatic twin head welding.
  • Service holes cut in beam webs as required.
  • Sections up to 18m long, 2.0m deep.

Automatic Welding Bay with

  • Sawing and Drilling Facility
  • Online submerged arc welding lines.
  • In-house NDT and Ultrasonic testing available.
  • Ongoing inspection and welding quality testing.
  • CNC controlled as well manual cutting and drilling
  • Accuracy up to +/- 1mm.

Shot Blasting and Painting Line

  • Shot blast to SA2.5 or higher grade.
  • Removal of all mill scale and rust particles.
  • Ideal for paint adhesion.
  • Red-oxide or enamel painting lines up to 150 microns with enamel

Typical Fabrication and Assembly of Structural Drawings

  1. To achieve this we provide pre-assembly, both at pre-welding fit up stage; and post-welding stage, of all loose structural items to ensure perfect connection on site, and zero failures in assembly and minimize any wastage of time at site.
  2. We have highly experienced and skilled fitters wherein we can do assemblies of wide structures in two or three dimensional forms, across a dedicated area of 100m x 100m.